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About Norwalk Juicers, CA

About Norwalk Juicers

Norwalk Juicers are shipped directly to our customers from our factory and sold at factory direct prices. We do not allow dealers, distributors or anyone else to represent our company or sell our new juicers.

I am the President of Norwalk Juicers California Inc. I am part of the Norwalk family. I have been helping customers with the purchase and use of their Norwalks for 30 years. I work with customers in the USA and worldwide.

I read Dr Walker's books and became actively health conscious and a juice enthusiast at the age of 18. I was previously a very sickly child. I can honestly say my health has continued to drastically improve every year because of the use of fresh pressed juices and organic foods. I have used the Norwalk regularly for over 30 years and I have personally helped tens of thousands of customers with the purchase and use of their Norwalks worldwide.

I reside in Southern California with my wife and our two young daughters. We have an organic avocado orchard and many varieties of fruit and nut trees. We grow many of the vegetables we use for juicing in raised bed gardens here on our property and we support our local organic farmers and farmer's markets.

It is my privilege to work with people who wish to better their health and well being through juicing, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing and benefitting from our Norwalk Juicer.


Richard Boger / Norwalk Juicers Ca. Inc.
1-800-405-8423 or 760-436-9684

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