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Ebay Warning

Message from customer about eBay fraud:

"I was recently scammed for $1100 when trying to purchase a juicer on eBay. After that I bought a new Norwalk with the 12 year warranty from the legitimate people. My advise : buy a new Norwalk. The juicer is wonderful and the people are wonderful to deal with."

-Mizelle / Austin TX

"To whomever this concerns: Not knowing any better I purchased a used Norwalk from an individual on eBay and paid almost as much as it would have cost for a new one. The seller told me it was like new. The juicer arrived with much damage and very dirty. Some parts were even missing. After over a month of trying to get the seller or UPS to pay for the damage I paid an additional $425 in parts, labor and shipping to have the damage repaired myself. I could have avoided all this misery had I purchased a new Norwalk with the 12 year warranty directly from you. I love my Norwalk now but I sure wish I had purchased a new Norwalk. Please share my story so others do not make the same mistake as I did."

-Happy Juicing / Rose A. from New Jersey

BUYER BEWARE! If you are considering a purchase of a used Norwalk on eBay: Often used juicers are packed so poorly it results in severe damages and it is difficult to resolve this damage when an individual is the shipper. If you have a problem regarding a used juicer you purchased from an individual contact the seller, not us. There is no factory warranty on Norwalk Juicers sold used by individuals regardless of any claims they may make. We are the only manufacturer of New Norwalk Juicers. We offer a full 12 year warranty to the original purchaser only and this warranty is not transferable. Our packaging is approved by UPS and we fully insure your juicer against loss or damage when you purchase it from us.



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