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The Norwalk Juicer

A helical cutting-grinding system greatly improves overall performance in food processing and juicing. It provides a sophisticated home use machine for you to process your own living, growing foods so that you know they do not contain toxic additives, chemicals or preservatives. Nowhere in the world is there another juicer which even remotely compares with the Norwalk. Many of us would like raw and natural foods to be an important part of our daily diets, but we do not have the time or ability to prepare these foods in the quantities and varieties necessary. Norwalk has devoted over 78 years of constant research and planning to develop the newest model 290 Norwalk Juicer so you and your family can do this easily and conveniently.

Completely extracts juice from all fruits and vegetables that can be juiced. This includes difficult things such as spinach, parsley, chard, broccoli, etc. which other methods will do very poorly or not at all.

The extremely efficient grinding action plus the tremendous pressure of the hydraulic press extracts 50% to 100% more juice and many more times the nutrients, than other juicers . From the more difficult leafy greens far greater amounts can be expected.The nutrients are all in the juice. The pulp is dry and tasteless, like sawdust. There are no nutrients remaining.

So pulp free it may be used, unstrained, in baby bottles without plugging the nipples. NOTE: Juice that has not had the pulp removed is hard to digest and can cause stomach upset. Pulp in the juice requires digestion and has not been masticated and mixed with saliva so that the digestive process can begin. When we drink pulp free juice it goes right through the digestive tract and the nutrient go right to the blood stream without being adversely affected by the digestive process. Drinking pulp free juice allows us to consume much more raw food nutrients and enzymes than we could get simply by eating the vegetables or blending them. Fiber is important so we eat raw vegetables and fruits in addition to juicing them. 

Norwalk used commercially often produce up to 3 gallons of carrot juice per hour. You might not do this but the machine can. By pressing two bags or cloths at a time you quickly get a full 16 ounces of juice each time you raise the press AND you can be grinding more while the press is going up. This machine is very fast once you get the hang of it. 

Hard fruits, such as apples, are triturated and pressed like carrots. Some soft  fruits like peaches and berries are triturated only, others like pineapple or watermelon are pressed only. With citrus and oranges j the skin is removed then the rest, including the seeds and white connective tissue is placed in the cloth and pressed only. This makes a delicious drink with no seeds and the bioflavinoids and riboflavins intact. These delicate nutrients are lost with other juicing methods.

Norwalk juices are ground then pressed gently with a minimum of air mixed into the juice (minimal oxidation). This is why most properly prepared Norwalk juices may be refrigerated in sealed, serving size containers for up to three days with little, if any, loss of color, flavor or nutrients. Many Norwalk owners juice only two times a week to keep their refrigerators stocked with a variety of delicious and satisfying juices. Think of the convenience of drinking juice from the refrigerator instead of having to make it each time. You can also take juices with you when working or traveling.

Most juices may be frozen. Some foods are seasonal and difficult to keep on hand for frequent juicing. For small quantities we freeze them in ice cube trays and store the cubes in the freezer. Usually one cube in a glass of carrot or other juice is enough. See our instructions for larger quantities.

A set of 8 grids is furnished. To go from one job to another you just slide the proper grid into the front of the housing. The Norwalk takes only a jiffy to disassemble and the stainless steel parts clean in moments by hand or in the dishwasher. It needs to be  cleaned only when completely finished. 

Please familiarize yourself with the instructions. The Norwalk is easy to operate but you do need to know the simple fundamentals involved. If you check it out and still have problems, or if there is something we haven't covered, just call us on the Norwalk Help line. All parts that contact food are solid stainless steel. With ordinary use and cleaning periodic service is not required. Norwalks are powered by the best heavy duty 1/2 hp electric motors that have been specially made to use 50 or 60 cycle, 100 or 240 volt electricity so they can operate on local power worldwide. If you plan to use your Norwalk outside of the United States or Canada just tell us so we can build machine for the point of use. The parts that are removed for cleaning weigh about 5 pounds total. The entire Norwalk machine weighs approximately 60 Ibs and the shipping weight in the box is approximately 69 Ibs.

When you purchase a new Norwalk you will be given a special toll free phone number to call if you have questions or need parts or service. We are here to help, if you ever need it.

Enjoy raw or cooked foods, chopped coarse or fine, on the Norwalk Make almost instant salads, in large or small quantities from raw or cooked vegetables and fruits. These salads are for everyone, whether young or old, healthy or ailing, with good teeth or with none, and well digested and tolerated by all. Any surplus can be stored in the refrigerator for future use.

Can be freshly ground on the Norwalk from most of the cereal grains to almost any consistency (except pastry flour).

The Norwalk makes coarse, regular and creamy grinds of peanut butters and most other nuts and some seeds without adding oil. It also chops them coarse or fine for sprinkling in soups, salads and desserts.

Make them chopped and strained from raw or cooked foods prepared for family meals. When you make them yourself you can be sure that they do not contain undesirable contaminants, additives and preservatives.

Make them as for Baby foods, above.

Well ripened fruit, melon and berries picked in season and frozen in your deep freeze, taste like ice cream or sherbet when put through the Norwalk while frozen. You can make any flavor, or combination of flavors, of your favorite ice creams without fear of fats or cholesterol. An ice cream lovers delight.

Make your own, using simple home recipes. Just stir up the ingredients and freeze them in your ice cube trays. Then put them through your Norwalk for a consistency rivaling the finest store bought ice Cream. Or you can make non-dairy ice cream using soy, almond, rice or coconut milks. 

Grinds fresh or dried leaves, stems and roots to any desired consistency for storage and use.

It mashes potatoes almost instantly, grinds cheese, dry bread and crackers. It prepares cooked cold meat, fish and poultry sandwich spreads, meat loaves and croquettes. It prepares deviled egg relishes, jams, jellies, purees, soups, fillings and toppings for desserts and stuffings for poultry and fish. It will take you wherever your imagination will lead you.

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