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Here's what customers are saying about the New Norwalk Model 290:

"Dear Richard.
I thought you might want to know what I think of my model 290 Norwalk: I LOVE IT ! Hands down the Best Norwalk ever! This is my third Norwalk. I bought the first one from you 30 years ago in 1987. That juicer worked flawlessly and helped save my life. I decided to buy a new model 280 from you 4 years ago and gave the old one to a family member. Surprisingly that 30 year old machine is still working today ! You were so helpful talking to me several times while I struggled over whether or not to buy the new model 290. I loved my 280 but I really liked the idea of the offset feedtube on the new machine to prevent throwback. Well I got the new 290 and loved the way it looked. I fired it up and let my wife try and we both think this is the best Norwalk ever and NO Throwback ! My wife loves it ! No more cleaning carrot pulp off the ceiling. You have a real winner here. This will be the juicer we keep for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much for your dedication and service over all these years. I can't believe its still you that answers the phone and I look forward to hearing your voice. You will always be a Beloved Friend to our family. By the way I sold my model 280 to someone who was very happy to get it for a good price. "

-Max & Irene FL

"I got my Norwalk model 290 and love it. I did a lot of research before buying it and there are so many positive reviews about your juicer. Now I know why"

-Joe B. NY

"My new Norwalk 290 is very easy to use and clean and makes a ton of juice quickly. Thank you Richard. "

-Allison NJ

"Richard you are amazing !!! You talked to me about a hundred times and never pressured me. Im glad I waited for the new model 290. This was a really big purchase for me. Im only 28 and don't have a ton of cash but I do have some health challenges. Ive been drinking the Norwalk juice for less than a week and I feel better already. I juiced a lot before with a different juicer but I never felt anything. Now I have more energy, I love the taste way better, and I can really see how much more juice I get than my old juicer. And fast, oh man this thing is fast. It cuts my juicing time in half. Super satisfied. Glad I made the investment."

-Larry NV

"I'm glad I bought the REAL Norwalk Juicer built in the USA. Such a well built and beautiful machine. I work with tools of all kinds and I really appreciate quality. I looked into the other press juicer and it seems to me they just copied yours and make it in CHINA. They did not even mention or advertise that! Thank you so much I am extremely grateful. "

-Louis from CA

"Thank you so much. I got my juicer. It's simply exquisite. Best Investment I have ever made. "

-A. Laketch CA

"Happy customer here. A friend told me to buy your machine. In doing my research I found only two press type juicers. I was glad to see you build yours here in the USA and have done so for many many years. That means a lot to me. I go out of my way to buy USA made products because they are better and it supports OUR economy not some other country. I was shocked when I found out the other press was made in China. Thats all it took for me to decide to buy the Legitimate Norwalk Juicer and I am so glad I did."

-Jennifer B. GA

"Got the juicer. Opened the box. Wow what a beauty. Juiced about a gallon of various juices very easily and absolutely love the taste. My wife said the clean up was very easy. She likes that."

-Bob C. TX

"I received my Norwalk a couple days ago and just now had the chance to open it and use it for the first time. OK Im im-pressed, no pun intended. I helped a friend juice for many years on her older model Norwalk and the new juicer is so much easier. No throwback ! Awesome machine! Im glad I bought it."


"Love my new Norwalk 290. Super high quality machine and juice. Cant believe how wasteful my old juicer was. THANK YOU FOR BUILDING THIS SUPERIOR JUICER IN THE USA !!!!!!"

-Walter P. MI

"Just a quick email to say a mega thank you again for getting the NORWALK PRESS JUICER to me before I left NY - after a hectic few weeks resettling in Sydney I bought a car load of organic veggies and fruits and started triturating and juicing - what an amazing machine and what awesome juices! Thanks again for being so helpful through the process and providing this amazing machine! I can tell already it is well worth the money and a fantastic investment in my health and well being. Best regards to you and your family, and viva la Norwalk!"

-Cary D.

Message from customer about eBay fraud:

"I was recently scammed for $1100 when trying to purchase a juicer on eBay. After that I bought a new Norwalk with the 12 year warranty from the legitimate people. My advise : buy a new Norwalk. The juicer is wonderful and the people are wonderful to deal with."
-Mizelle / Austin TX

"Hi. My Mother and I have been using Dr. Walker¹s juicer for so many years. She is 91 years old. Dr. Walker has been such an inspiration to me and my Mother. He was such a wonderful man. I feel like I knew him. I am 65 years old and I have never had to take any kind of medicine. We are living proof that the juicer works."
-Bette R.

"Thank you so much for our Norwalk Juicer . I am ordering another one for my Acupuncture Clinic."
-Dr. H. / NV

"Juicer works great, juices are keeping me and my husband healthy. Keep up the good work."
-Marie N. / New Brockton, AL

"My parents are using their Norwalk every day. They love the juice and notice a big difference from other juicer."
-Whitney M. / Earlysville, VA

"Excellent juicer, quick and easy to learn and use. Great customer service. I am very happy I purchased my Norwalk Juicer."
-Jane D. / Allentown PA

"The Norwalk Juicer arrived in perfect condition, is easy to use, as you promised, and VERY simple to clean. I am well satisfied with my investment."
-TERRY S. / New Carrollton MD

"We are juicing like crazy and off on a great adventure. After years of searching I've found the very best juicer. Thank you so much for answering all my questions so thoroughly and patiently and for your help in allowing me to make an informed decision on the most important piece of equipment in my kitchen and my life. The Norwalk is such a wonderful machine."
-Margaret C. / Peterborough NH

"The Norwalk arrived yesterday. I love it! It's awesome. I get more juice, it takes less time, and the juice tastes better."
-Kevin D. /Comox ,B.C. , CANADA

"Wanted to let you know things have gone smoothly with the juicer. I watched the video first which really helped. Easy to use and very, very good tasting juice."
-Megan A. Media Analyst / Toronto, ONT, CANADA

"Thank you so much. Our father is still alive and in great condition because of the juicer. We would like to order another Norwalk for ourselves."
-Aurora B. / NY, NY

"I've been using the Norwalk for several months and the fog has cleared. You are doing good work. I believe you are making a positive difference in my life."
-Stanley D. / Lee's Summit MO

"Easy to clean, good instructions, very well built machine. I am very satisfied, its worth every penny and then some. I have had several other juicers and nothing compares to Norwalk. Thank you!"
-Dr. Earl Hussell / Trout Creek MT

"My health has drastically improved since using the Norwalk. Mom's insomnia and Dad¹s snoring went away. My son¹s allergies are gone. Now I¹m on a mission to spread the word."
-Steve K. / AK

"I love my Norwalk.Right away I found it much quicker to use and easier to clean than my previous twin gear juicer. I notice much more juice too. A big difference in quality of juice and it cuts my juicing time in half. Thank you."
-Richard F. / NJ

"Best juicer in the world. My health is changing drastically. I have more energy and feel better than ever."
-Nick Stillatos / Ft Lee NJ

"Very happy. Gets significantly more juice than old juicer."
-Dr. Phil B. / Canada

"Thank you very much for our Norwalk Juicer. We use your machine and really feel that it is by far the most excellent juicer. Thus, we would like you to send us another Norwalk . We will use this machine for our health care center. We are looking forward to having the best juice available for our clients."
-Yuya K. / JAPAN

"I am still happily juicing and every cent I've spent on the Norwalk has been worth it! I am soon done with my studies in nutrition here and when consulting patients I will always recommend your juicer."
-Gudrun Scholler / Germany

"Juicer arrived quickly. My kids love the taste of Norwalk juice. They wouldn't even drink juice from the the other juicer we had. Very happy; will spread the word. Can tell a big difference in my health already."
-Diane K. / Santa Rosa, CA

"I LOVE my Norwalk. I juice everything, even wild harvested herbs and roots. This is by far the best juicer."
-Margaret C. / Peterborough NH

"Had other popular juicer. I love my new Norwalk. Juices and cleans up quicker, produces much more juice and a better quality juice."
-Michael D. / Chesapeake, VA

"I love the Norwalk. The press is fantastic. That's what gives you the quality. I have never felt better in my life."
-Sean T. / Rancho Santa Fe, CA

These are just a few of the unsolicited testimonies we have received from our customers. Send us yours.

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