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The Norwalk Juicer MODEL 290

The Norwalk Juicer Model 280

Constructed of solid stainless steel and built to last a lifetime. The Norwalk Juicer quickly grinds and presses. Fresh pressed juices are loaded with fresh enzymes and nutrients. The Norwalk juicer gives you 50-100% more juice containing 3-5 times the vitamins and minerals than juice from other machines. 

Complete extraction: The tremendous pressure exerted by the Norwalk Hydraulic Press gently and completely extracts the natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements. This imparts to the juice an extremely fine quality and flavor which is unequaled by any other method of juice extraction.

Cleaning the Norwalk Hydraulic Press: The Norwalk Juicer takes only a jiffy to clean and needs to be cleaned only once after you have finished, whether you have juiced only a little or many gallons. Five of the removable parts on the Norwalk are solid stainless steel and can be just rinsed and put in your dishwasher.

Frozen Juices: Many Norwalk juices may be frozen and held for periods of up to 6 months with very little loss in food values. Many green juices may be made up in quantities in season and frozen in ice cube trays and stored in plastic bags in your freezer.

Simple and efficient: So simple, that a 25-pound sack of carrots may be juiced in 20 minutes, providing 7 to 8 quarts of juice. Many Norwalk owners juice only 2 or 3 times a week to keep their refrigerator stocked with a variety of fresh juices.

Storage of juices: The Hydraulic Press method of juice extraction provides a minimum mixing of air with the juices which results in very slow oxidation or decomposition. This is why many Norwalk juices may be kept refrigerated in closed containers for several days with little, apparent loss of flavor, color, or vital elements. With the Norwalk it is possible to keep the refrigerator stocked at all times with a variety of delicious and satisfying juices with only occasional use of the juicer required.

Operation of Hydraulic Press: Fruits or vegetables are triturated in the Food Factory (reduced instantly to the consistency of apple sauce) directly into reusable filter bags or a bowl if using the flat cloths, which are then placed in the press for the extraction of the juices. While the press is extracting the juice from one pair of bags or cloths, another pair may be filled with pulp.

A Major Kitchen Appliance for Processing Your Own Raw Foods Without Toxic Additives, Chemicals or Preservatives!

The Model 290 is actually a combination of two machines sharing the same body and powered by the same motor. The first is the VORTEX TRITURATOR, a helical cutter-grinder mechanism with greatly improved ability to triturate the fibers down to the cellular level of raw foods to enable the maximum extraction of nutrients. The second is the HYDRAULIC PRESS which extracts the nutrients from the pulp provided by the Triturator.

  • One piece housing which completely facilitates changing grinds.
  • A Vortex Triturating Head for complete extraction.
  • Convenient and easily accessible grid holder. Solid metal construction, no plating. Five of the removable parts are stainless steel. The pusher is UHMW food grade polyethylene. All are dishwasher safe.
  • Almost instant disassembly. Takes only moments to clean.
  • Complete safety protection with breakthrough electronic design.
  • Powerful 1/2 horsepower 50/60 cycle motor that can be used anywhere in the world.
  • Attractive casing available in Stainless Steel and a variety of appliance colors.

The Model 290 improvements include the following:

  • Improved juice tray-deeper-wider-and inclined, to facilitate more efficient juice flow with minimal or no overflow of the tray.
  • Larger guide pin-to reduce or eliminate any side-to-side movement of the tray during pressing.
  • Larger cutter diameter than previous models - increased grinding possible - in less time.
  • New FDA approved O-ring on face plate for a more secure housing to face plate fit.
The new model 290 parts listed above are not interchangeable with ANY previous models.

The Norwalk Juicer comes complete with everything needed to start juicing.


  • 1 New Norwalk Juicer Model 290 -Complete with accessories:
  • 1 Cutter - ( grinder )
  • 1 Housing ( feed tube )
  • 1 Juice tray
  • 1 Set of 4 reusable filter bags
  • 1 Set of 4 reusable filter cloths
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 UHMW Polyethylene pusher ( food grade non toxic )
  • 1 Feed pan
  • 1 Grid holder
  • 7 Grids
  • 1 Instruction manual


  • 17"H x 15"W x 15"L.
  • Weight 69 lbs.
  • Boxed 22 7/16" X 19 1/16" X 17 9/16" double walled, UPS tested/approved.
  • Complete safety protection with electronic design.
  • Certified by Los Angeles Testing Lab

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